Establish a complete Entra ID (Azure AD) (Azure AD) recovery plan that minimizes downtime with no impact on end users. CionSystems Easy Recovery makes it possible. Easily select exactly what you need or recover many users, groups and group memberships in bulk without PowerShell. You can further select specific attributes and recover. Don’t take any chances, mitigate the risk of data loss or service outage from human error and save valuable time and resources. Quickly know what is different between two backups. You can further use the audit tool to get a history of all changes!

Active Directory and Entra ID (Azure AD) recovery plan is essential for every organization to protect from complete enterprise failure. More and more enterprises have adopted Azure/Office365 and have more users and data across Entra ID (Azure AD) that need to be protected. Enterprise must protect cloud-only objects such as Microsoft 365 and Entra ID (Azure AD) groups, Azure B2B accounts, conditional access policies and more. CionSystems Easy Recovery will help your organization realize a complete Entra ID (Azure AD) recovery plan that encompasses your entire hybrid environment.