We offer full-service analogue/mixed-signal layout implementation for custom ICs and SoCs, delivering manufacturable layouts tuned for performance, power, and area.


  • Layout implementation for data converters, I/Os, PLLs, sensors
  • Layout optimization for performance, power, area
  • Circuit simulation and analysis
  • Physical verification, DRC, and LVS runs
  • Layout-level extraction and modeling
  • GDSII generation and integration
  • Custom analogue layout design


  • Silicon-proven layout experts with decades of experience
  • Layouts optimized for performance, power, and area
  • Reduced risk with first-pass silicon success
  • Accelerated time-to-market using proven layout flows
  • Easy integration with digital SoC flow
  • Flexibility to customize or reuse templates
  • Rigorous pre-layout simulations and analysis
  • Design portability across foundries/nodes
  • Deep expertise in analog circuits and layout
  • Skilled with layout tools and methodologies
  • Understanding of target applications and specs
  • Knowledge of layout design rules and practices
  • Experience performing simulations and analysis
  • Investments in the latest layout EDA tools
  • Hands-on layout implementation skills
  • Access to qualified analogue layout engineers.