We provide SoC-level floorplanning, place and route, timing closure, power optimization, signal integrity analysis and signoff services to implement robust IC physical designs.


  • SoC-level floorplanning, placement, routing
  • Timing, signal integrity optimizations
  • Power grid synthesis, rail analysis
  • Clock tree synthesis, skew optimizations
  • PG routing, pin placement, ECOs
  • Design rule checks and design fixes
  • GDSII generation, mask data preparation
  • Foundry rule decks and tech LEF/LIBs
  • Signoff-quality design deliverables


  • Faster timing closure, even at advanced nodes
  • Efficient engineering resource utilization
  • Ability to focus on architecture and logic design
  • Reduced manufacturing costs through DFx
  • Accelerated time-to-market using proven flows
  • Flexibility for design handoff at any stage
  • Easy integration with in-house tools and flows
  • Extensive experience in physical design
  • Expertise with the latest EDA tools and flows
  • Deep understanding of design objectives
  • Hands-on skills in floor plan creation and optimization
  • Proficiency in placement, routing, timing, closure
  • Knowledge of manufacturing constraints
  • Focus on design convergence and quality
  • Investments in automated optimization tools