Innovating silicon products faster – from concept to high-volume manufacturing.

Our semiconductor design services empower companies to accelerate the development of custom ICs and SoCs. We offer the specialized design expertise and EDA resources needed to take IC products from concept to high-volume manufacturing quickly and efficiently. Our services span architecture definition, RTL design, verification, physical implementation, design for manufacturability, testing, packaging, and production liaison. We become an extension of your team to deliver quality silicon in compressed timeframes.

RTL Design and Design Verification

We provide complete RTL design and functional verification services for digital IC/SoCs spanning architecture definition, microarchitecture design, logic implementation, testbench development, and comprehensive pre-silicon validation. Our key services include:

  • Deep domain expertise in architecture design to provide efficient architecture analysis and optimization
  • Efficient RTL coding guidelines
  • Microarchitecture design
  • Low-power design techniques
  • Security IP integration
  • Clock domain crossing analysis
  • Functional safety compliance
  • Testbench architecture and UVM
  • Automated stimulus generation
  • Constrained random verification
  • FPGA prototyping

Featured Benefits

  • First-pass silicon success through comprehensive validation
  • Reduced verification bottlenecks by leveraging our expertise
  • Earlier software development with virtual prototypes
  • Easier design integration with modular, scalable RTL coding
  • Reduced project risk with proven, structured methodologies
  • Higher quality RTL and testbench code coverage
  • Accelerated time-to-market with reusable verification IP
  • Skilled in applying optimized design techniques
  • Advanced UVM testbench development
  • Compliance with design and verification standards
  • Experience with complex SoC verification
  • Broad knowledge of verification methods and tool flows
  • Hands-on experience with simulation environments
  • Investments in the latest EDA tools and flows